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Good things come in trees Good things come in trees

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Hi there.

Well hen looks good and other staff, but branch doesn't. It looks rather strange when game starts with it. Sorry you have to draw branch in smaller pixels as with hen and squirrel. Maybe give some details, more little branches growing from it and some leaves?

Controls are not comfortable. Branch selection and controls are far from any perfection. I also don't find logical reasons why hen can control wood with the power of it's mind, but guess games shouldn't always have a logical explanation to everything. But hey...Italian guy beating hell out of mushrooms doesn't give much logical explanation too yet it's most popular 2D game in the world.

And it's just impossible to play in your game because you have absolutely no way of killing bees ;(

Anyway don't stop. None game was released and not updated since.
Look at those big AAA lads. Their games are so bad that they are working on a patch of the first day before even game released ;)

Otherwise developer is careless for the audience and audience would then return the favor and be careless for the developer and all his upcoming projects.

Never stop working on perfection. None should ever.

I wish you a good fortune in the wars...*ugh* games to come!

Tri Family Tri Family

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey I think you've exported your game on C2 as loading suggests.

It's a nice simple game done by a quartet.

I don't think that's cool to make games on C2 and then export on C3 tho.
Seems a bit unfair as everyone had to deal with C3 issues during development and that was sort of a part of competition.

TomaCutcheon responds:

We made a really early prototype/mockup in C2 when the theme was annouced (J-1) and opened it with it in C3 the day the jam started. I guess the logo is here for that but I can assure you all was made with C3!